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Flight Respiratory Therapist / Paramedic

Posted by: AirMed, Inc.

Posted date: Oct 26, 2010

Location: Augusta

AirMed, Inc.  is an air ambulance service that provides transport via rotor wing, fixed wing and critical care ground.  AirMed is seeking a full time Flight Respiratory Therapist / Paramedic  that is highly qualified and self motivated to join our team.  AirMed has immediate openings available for fixed wing transport / Critical Care Ground.

Job Summary:
The Flight Respiratory Therapist  must demonstrate proficiency in the practice of critical care and emergency management skills including assessment, triage, and treatment utilizing standards and guidelines established by AirMed; uses excellent verbal and written communication skills to plan patient care and implementation while working with your immediate partner (RN); assuring safety remains the highest priority throughout the tranpsort.

Experience / Qualifications:
-Requires a minimum of 5 years recent experience in  ICU and/or ED as a Respiratory Therapist. ( Prefer also a paramedic background in a busy service for 3-5 years or greater)
-Current GA  license or eligible for licensure as a Respiratory Therapist and Paramedic in the state of Georgia
-Weight limit of 210 lbs
-Must have BLS, ACLS, PALS and a Pre Hospital Trauma course upon hire.  ABLS (advanced burn life support) is preferred upon hire however not required unitl after hire.
-CCEMTP will also be required for this position.

Please send your resume or direct any questions to Amanda Cornell at or fax resume'  to 706 396 2100. (Office phone 706 434 4008)
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Company AirMed, Inc.
City Augusta
State GA
Contact Information
Name Amanda Cornell
Title Medical Manager
Web Site
Phone 7064344008
Fax 7063962100
Region East Coast
Transport Type Multi
Classification Respiratory Therapist