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Hems Aviation Acronyms?

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#1 Shady2005


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Posted 02 December 2016 - 03:13 AM

Hello all, 


Wondering if anyone has a great resource for aviation acronyms for our industry.  We have a new hire starting soon that doesn't have any previous flight experience and I'm looking for a list of acronyms for her-more aviation focused.  Any suggestions for websites or lists that someone may already have?  


Much appreciated!

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#2 Mike Mims

Mike Mims

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Posted 02 December 2016 - 03:04 PM

This may be over-kill, but it is a start.  You can add to or take out..


AC – Aircraft

AFT – Towards the back or tail

AGL – Above Ground Level

AMRM – Air Medical Crewmember Resource Management

AMT – Aviation Maintenance Technician

AOG – Aircraft on ground

ATC - Air Traffic Control

AWOS – Automated Weather Observing System

Brown out – Dust and debris forming a dust cloud which causes inability to see. Forms from the back and progresses to the front

CAD – Caution/Advisory Display (Large glass display center of the console)

CAMTS – Commission on the Accreditation Air Medical Transport Services

Ceilings – Vertical height of the base of the cloud layer from the ground measured in feet

Clock position – Nose of AC is 12 o’clock and rear is 6 o’clock. All traffic is reported in a clock position to pilot. High, level, low, factor, no factor

CRM – Crew Resource Management (older term still used at times replaced with AMRM)

Critical Phases of flight – Take off and landings

Cold Load – Loading while aircraft is not running

Duty Time – Time a pilot is allowed to fly, flights may be turned down due to duty time

ECS – Environmental Control System (Air conditioning or heat)

ELT – Electronic Locator Transmitter

EP – Emergency Procedures

                Land as soon as possible

                Land as soon as practical

                Land Immediately

FBO – Fixed Base Operator (Aviation term for the airport gas station)

Final – Last phase of inbound for landing, hold all unnecessary conversation

FLI – Flight Limit Indicator

FOD – Foreign Object Debris

Go/No Go – Flight is a go or a no go. If a no go a reason is provided for documentation (departure weather, route weather, arrival weather maintenance, duty time, patient weight etc.)

GPS – Global Positioning Satellite

Hot Load – Loading/unloading while aircraft is running

Icing levels – Altitude where icing is likely

ICS – Intercom system

IFR – Instrument Flight Rules

IIMC – Inadvertent Instrument Meteorological Conditions

ILS – Instrument landing system. Some airports have ILS approaches and some don’t. Used for IFR approach

IMC – Instrument Meteorological Conditions

JET A – Grade of fuel used for our aircraft

LZ – Landing Zone

Mayday – Emergency/Distress call on radio

MEL- Minimum Equipment List

METAR – Meteorological Terminal Aviation Report

Minimums – Expressed as ceilings and visibility. Minimum levels for legal acceptance of a flight

MSL – Mean Sea Level

MX – Maintenance

NOTAM – Notice to airmen

No Joy - when an attempt to establish visual or radio contact with another aircraft is unsuccessful; or when an attempt to acquire a target - either visually or on tactical radar - is unsuccessful

NVG – Night Vision Goggles

PAIP – Post Accident Incident Plan

PIC – Pilot in command

PDLZ – Predetermined Landing Zone

PR- Public Relations

Sectional – Map used for navigation which contains information about the airports


                Green – No aviation restrictions

                 Yellow – Aviation restrictions consult with pilot. May be weather, crew, or maintenance issue

                 Red – Aircraft not available for flights may be weather, crew or maintenance    

Sterile Cockpit – No talking

SVFR – Special Visual Flight Rule

TAF – Terminal Area Forecast

Talley-ho  -  tells air traffic controllers that the pilot has seen the air traffic in question

TCAS – Traffic Collision Avoidance System

Techsonic – FM radio located in cockpit and rear of AC

TFR – Total Flight Restriction

Traffic – Other aircraft

VFR – Visual Flight Rules

Visibility – Measured in mile units

VOR – VHF Omnidirectional Range (used in navigation physical structure located near airports)

Willco – Will comply

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Mike Mims


University of Mississippi Medical Center

#3 Shady2005


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Posted 03 December 2016 - 03:19 PM

Thanks for the help Mike!

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