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Overseas Guide

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Posted 31 July 2007 - 04:16 AM

This is a continuation of the discussion regarding Overseas Guide

Letís start a guide to some doís and doníts, pearls of wisdom of overseas travel/work. Some may sound funny but they are the truth.

1. Keep your mouth shut and keep a low profile, (This really holds true in non-pro Western countries) even saying something that you may think is well meaning can be misconstrued. If your do talk to someone especially in an Islamic country donít talk about religion or politics.

2. Certain gestures for example giving the thumbs up in some countries is the same as giving the middle finger, I found this out personally.

3. This one maybe known by a few of you already, if youíre a smoker and a Brit asks you if you want to go blow a fag, this means he wants to know if you want to go have a cigarette.

4. A good practice to do anywhere but is mandatory in an Islamic country shake hands with your right hand. The left hand is used to clean their backside and is considered dirty, the right hand is used to eat with
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