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Cancer Pt. Unresponsive, Last Hoorah In Vegas

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Posted 13 February 2009 - 02:36 PM

This is a call I responded to when I was working for an ambulance provider in Vegas as an EMT-I. I will modify it a little bit so it would fit in to what a flight crew would see.

You're dispatched to scene call at a rural RV park. BLS providers are on scene. They're reporting that you have a 60 y/o male, who is unresponsive. Vital signs are 110/66, p 68, r 10, SpO2 95%. Once you get on scene you see a fully clothed male laying on the bed, warm, pale, and dry. He is unresponsive. He is breathing and seems to be perfusing adequately. A three lead EKG shows a Normal Sinus rhythm, no ectopy. His eyes are PERRL, except they are reacting a little bit slowly to light. His wife is there and says that the patient is in the late stages of cancer, and they decided to go to Vegas for his "last hoorah". She says he was acting normally all day today. She states that he is on a laundry list of meds, mostly cancer and pain meds, she gives him all his medication and has been compliant with his physicians orders.

What do you do? My partner, the firefighters on scene, and myself all missed something in our assessment that was solved easily at the hospital. If no one gets it who responds, I'll spill. Let me know if you need more info, this is my first time throwing out a scenario for people.
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