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Re: ER helicrash

Ok - one last thing (maybe 2)
Don't think that anyone would argue that safety has to be in the forefront of 
everything we do. It can happen to you and yours unless we take every step to 
prevent it, and even then, sometimes just plain ole bad luck will get you. 
But it seems the more we plan and try to do things right, the less bad luck we 
will see.
Secondly, as a pilot - the only thing that really bothers me about that 
sequence is not the crash ( after all it was just TV) but the questions of "what do 
you think caused it". That attitude is too often present after a crash and 
most pilots resent it. We don't know what caused any crash untill a full 
investigation is complete. Anything else is just speculation, guessing, and unfair to 
the crew. The wind sock flipped around - SO? Maybe the pilot had an MI, maybe 
there was an engine failure, T/R failure, could be any one of a million 
things. The attitude from many that a quick determination can be made from a 
cursury and surface look by amateurs is discouraging. I spent a long time in school 
learning how to investigate accidents and it is a science. Flame patterns, 
structual failure modes, wreckage diagrams, electron scanning microscope 
examinations of actuators, engines, and gearboxes, and on and on.
Asking a pilot to comment on that contrived accident would be like me asking 
a medical professional to determine the cause of death by watching a patient 
collase. Impossible.

The lesson from that show for me? - It reminds me once more that it can 
happen to any of us, at any time, for who-knows-what reason. Give someone you love 
an extra minute today and tommorrow, a longer bedtime story, an extra hug or 
kiss, because our time here is precious and short - sometimes shorter than we 
know. Don't waste a minute of it.
but that's just me
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