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Re: Flightmed Digest, Vol 2, Issue 19

While I certainly agree that our industry can and should a better job in 
general in all areas where safety is concerned, I think that we all need to keep 
in mind that ours is an inherently risky business, and that's is not going to 
change, no matter how many regulations and safeguards we implement.  

This is because many - certainly not all, but many - accidents are due to 
factors beyond reasonable human control. Unforcast weather, catastrophic 
mechanical failures, and plain old human error probably will not be completely cured 
anytime soon.   

I disagree with the aforementioned assertion that our accident rate should be 
no higher than that of the rest of general aviation. While that would 
certainly be desirable, the environment that we operate in is simply a riskier one 
than that of a corporate scheduled air carrier who only flies IFR between two 
controlled and (usually much) improved landing areas. 

I think we do a pretty good job for the most part. Can and should we do 
better? Yes, of course - and I think that we will. But we need to stop comparing 
ourselves to other industries that we have little in common with, and accept the 
fact that ours will always be a relatively risky job.


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