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Things to consider when viewing the episode in question:

1. It IS Hollywood. T'were they to show the "REAL" side of ER/EMS/HEMS, it'd be, for the most part, a damn boring show.

2. The scene of the helo lifting is a good example of how NOT to do things... you have an untrained crew (the two ER nurses) standing by the tail rotor, unprotected, when the helo lifted. Of all the places I've worked, NONE would allow this. Anyone near the helipad is required to be trained in helo safety and wearing protective gear. On the show, the nurses were wearing only scrubs.

3. The event, while statistically unllikely, is a great opportunity for us to bring our profession to the public eye and facilitate conversation. Much like the USA Today article series, "Bringing Out the Dead," "Third Watch," et al, the exposure is not always accurate nor positive, but it provides us a venue for people to come and ask us "Is it really like that show I saw on television?" Here's where we jump in and say something like "Well, not exactly... let me explain it to you." That sort of PR is invaluable.

4. It IS Hollywood.


Jeff Brosius,
Paramedic, etc.

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