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Re: AS-365

You can bring up a list of flight teams using a particular helicopter
model using the AMT Registry. Not all programs have updated their
information yet, so the list is still incomplete. Using '365' for
Rotorwing Aircraft type on the Advanced Search form, here's what came up:

Medflight (Huntsville) - Meridianville, AL
ShandsCair - Gainesville, FL
UCAN - Chicago, IL
Parkview Samaritan - Fort Wayne, IN
STATCARE - Louisville, KY
Boston MedFlight - Bedford, MA
Maryland State Police Aviation Division - Baltimore, MD
West Michigan Air Care - Kalamazoo, MI
Duke Life Flight - Durham, NC
Air Life Flight - Santa Fe, NM
CareFlight (Dayton) - Dayton, OH
Life Flight (Geisinger) - Danville, PA
Life Lion - Hershey, PA

The address for the AMT Registry is:

Rollie Parrish
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