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Re: Seriously now

The point being, what? It too funny how when the mistake is made, it's laughed off. I have supplied many examples of NO toxicity and no one addressed them. The focus still seems to be on my presentation. Me lighten up, how about you? Why are inquires made about serious issues viewed as attacks? I was honest, I asked for input and I take constructive criticism well. So should you. I have apologized a number of times to anyone who may have misinterpreted my approach, what else would you like. Perhaps a note from my Mommy that Im am sorry?

Humor is great! Paramedics are great! Nurses are great! RT's are great! Docs, well you know (LOL).... We are all great and it's a wonderful world! Lets begin again, shall we?

You know, I just returned from a 14 hour flight to the Caribbean. Our plane hit turbulence, we dropped 5000 feet in seconds and you know what? Im in a great mood! I love what I do, I love my patients, I even love the fact that despite our "bickering" no one turned this into a personal thing.... Lets all lighten up...

Lets all finish this in our own way shall we:

There I was, fog so thick I couldn't see my blood pressure monitor; I knew we were inverted cause all my medical flying medals where hanging in my face.....

Voo Doo Ta Ta

Just plain ole Gary

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