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RE: As long as you willing to bet your own life on it, thats fine.

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Subject: As long as you willing to bet your own life on it, thats fine.

I was just wondering, since your a professional and since your willing to accept responsibility for the proper function and maintenance of the NO equipment, and since your an expert on the administration and problem/troubleshooting as such, can you please tell me what formal training an EMT-P has in the correct administration and titration of this therapeutic modality?
[Brault, Charles] 
Absolutely nobody said that
If you want to have a (lively) debate
You will just have to have it with
... yourself 

"Actually, if I am not mistaken, you are limited to using the INOvent by FDA regulations. Currently this is all we use accept when we transport with manual ventilation at which time we simply have a bleed in port (but I am not convinced that this is kosher, personally)." There is just no way for a seasoned therapist to accurately monitor the (PPM) and the patient for adverse changes except for direct assessment, how would an EMT-P monitor the patient and what would you do if it become necessary to discontinue the NO and what would you change on the vent to correct for the new changes,
[Brault, Charles] 
Actually the NO therapy is really simple
And would not be to hard to learn
And use it properly
It's not rocket science
This said
Paramedics in their practice and for their Pts
That's it that's all
No debate their
Is like interhospital transfers
Really not complicated
Enough so
That your average nurse and Doc
Think they can do interhospital transfers well and safely
With no further training or experience
Both NO Tx and interhospital transfers
Are really easy to F Up
The only credit I can give the Medics
Unlike the other professions mentionned
Is that at least
They do not even THINK of using NO
Much less dare to use based on no more science then their learned opinion
My excuse
For the "interhospital transfers" dig
Really think it was usefull
In explaining the simplicity and complexity of NO therapy
Charles Brault EMT

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