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Re: paramedic vs nurse

Well stated mjscfrn... 
Additionally it is imperative that the EMS community realize that Rome wasnt created in a day.  As a previous Flight Paramedic and Board Member of the NFPA I can tell you that people are constantly working feverishly to promote the professional aspects of our pre-hospital industry.  Patience and dedication will pay-off in the long run.  Granted I would have like to have it all done when I was active in the industry, however I had a real grasp on the time that it requires to change the thought process' of an entire system that has operated successfully for more years than I have been alive.  My Dad was a corporate exec and a volunteer EMS worker.  I still have a patch from a state agency that came from his uniform that says "Ambulance Driver", and he was proud to wear that patch when he did.  I'm 31 and can vividly remember that patch on his shoulder...the point?  25 years isnt that long when you are talking about the evolution of a hard fast process that requires multiple disciplines agreeing and changing not only the administrative process' of those directly involved in an industry, but those involved indirectly as well to have success.  I can tell you that my Dad would have not ever guessed that in Hhis lifetime that an "ambulance driver" would be flying to an ER at a small rural hospital looking at blood gasses, asking for a chest x-ray and prepping a patients chest to recieve a chest tube.  We have come down a tremendous path, but time has to play in. 
We are aggressive people by nature, that is why we have been chosen to do what we do.  Our type AA personalities dont allow us, for the most part, to have alot of patience when we can easily grasp the ideology of the solution.  We want things done now, our way, "emergently"...  Patience and dedication by the industry as a whole, AND continued support by those no longer actively involved to promote our profession is what will bring success in the long run.  "Slow and steady wins the race"

Josh Neff
ex-fly guy

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