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paramedicine and RN bridging

Hello to all. I have watched the posts on this thread for several days and several thoughts come to mind. Currently EMS training requirements vary greatly from state to state. While some offer college level credit others do not. Until this changes the EMT-* to RN question will continue to haunt us. The RN programs that have been mentioned in this thread all have a college level credit hour requirement, ADN, AS, and BSN. For the EMT-* that has not received college credit for their training it will be difficult transfer those hours to nursing school. Some courses may be able to be 'tested out of' but for the most part they will have to complete the entire RN curriculum. For those that have received college credit the transfer question is more easily answered by the institution being applied to.
I must say I endorse the standardization of paramedicine on a national level, if for no other reason than it is the starting point to address this perceived 'bridge problem'. When one looks at 'bridging' to nursing, the question asked is "why cant I receive credit for all the hours of paramedicine", the answer is STANDARDIZATION. The nursing industry has established this. Acdemia has their requirements. 
I put to all this...  Paramdicine is to Nursing as Nursing is to Medicine, while care of the patient overlaps the diciplins are different. 
For those asking the question, take it a bridge question a step further. Should we prepose a bridge to medical school? The AMA would have a hayday with that one :). I only ask this to illustrate the point that when switching diciplins there are academic requirements that must be met. Until the day we teardown our educational institutions thats the way it will be. 

There is no better teacher than expirence, and there is no shortcut to that  expirence. 

Anthony Rehberg RN, BSN, EMT-P  

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