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Re: paramedic vs nurse

I totally agree with this posting.  A 'good' ER nurse will never ask a tech to perform a task that he/she is not willing to do themselves.  More than once I have mopped up a Trauma Bay or scooped vomit out of the bedsheets.  It's not a delegation of a a disgusting duty, its the calling that we have responded to.  Nursing is by far and long not a glamorous profession. There is nothing glamorous in wiping butts or debriding wounds.  But just that one time that a patient says, "Thanks", compensates you way beyond money.

The point is that Paramedics, like nurses, need to learn a hard lesson.  Getting a voice in the government and bonding together with the support of the AMA is a sure-fired means of gaining clout.  Study the history of nursing and you will see how our profession ticked off the Doctors by going out into the public in New York.  Learn from our mistakes, and move forward. 

For all of you Flight Paramedics...you have the NFPA.  How organized are they?  Are they active on Capitol Hill?

I think that your nurse coworkers would laud and support your pursuit of a 'professional identity'.  In the meantime, continue to work together as a TEAM and continue to learn from each other.  Aside from patient care...that's what it's all about.

Tracey Stover-Wall
Flight Nurse, Medic, etc.
Liberty, MO

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