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Re: paramedic vs nurse

Thank you. I can appreciate that!
I agree that paramedicine in general needs some system fixing, are the nurses willing to help 'us' to do it??
I found out tonight that the nice man who cleans up my trauma room messes makes several dollars an hour more then me, with fewer years of experience. What kind of message should that be sending to me?
Not to worry, I love the hospital I work for, the teamwork is great and we provide excellent trauma care. We also consistently score 90% or higher on customer satisfaction surveys. It is a number one hospital, there is no doubt about it.
It really is not about status or being recognized, but a certain amount of job satisfaction for anyone does come from knowing you have a meaningful purpose in your employment. This meaningful purpose is gauged in different ways, but nearly every profession uses the good old How Much Am I Worth ruler.
Be safe!

Nick Nudell, NREMT-P, CCEMT-P
"Perception is reality" - Wise Old Paramedic
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   To give a inside view of the nurses I work with, let me tell you what we "talk" about in private.
1.  We thank god for the paramedic techs in our ER, they are invaluable, hard working, and a wealth of knowledge.
2.  We talk about which ones give the best advice on patient care, which we all listen to.
3.   That we would not abuse them by asking them to "wipe a butt" that we would not be willing to tackle ourselves.
4.  That like other EMS workers, when we work in the "field" as flight nurses we make 50% of the hourly wage we make in the hospital.
5.  And lastly, we talk about how the paramedics need to be paid more for the hard work they do.  And if it is not in the close future, then help them find a excellerated nursing program so they can get the darn degree and get paid for their knowledge and skills.
  The end fix is to standardize paramedicine, covert all programs to degree's, and set a base pay rate with room for cost of living raises.  The nursing profession did this years ago, instead of getting upset at nurses, lets just make the same changes for paramedics, end of story. 

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