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Re: Standardization of Paramedicine

I agree with you in principle on several points, Derek but disagree on others.  Why is there such a fascination in this country of professional sports?  We place these athletes on a pedestal and worship the ground they walk on as well as pay them quite hansomely for playing a game.  Those of us that work in the healthcare industry whether it be a RN, LPN, or Paramedic have to continually update out credentials, education, and juggle schedules to make what the trainers and "gophers" for the atheles make as a wage.  I don't know the solution to that one.

It has I am sure, been mentioned in past responses to Derek's mailing, that RN's have more education and also a better understanding of the patho- as well as the physiology of emergency medicine.  It is somewhat similar to comparing a seasoned flight RN to a Physician; yes, the RN may be better at decision-making than the Physician but the educative background commands the better respect, position, and wages.  However, with the fame and fortune of the higher position comes a greater liability for actions taken.

I believe the entire healthcare industry is due for a metamorphesis to some degree.  Will it ever happen?  Probably not in my lifetime.  Our one recourse for all this appears to me as a "banding together" and work towards an improvement, not to take unintentional pot-shots at our colleages.

Michael Klopp RN,BSc, CFRN (former NREMT-P)
Native Air Services
Mesa, Arizona

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