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Re: CPAP through BVM

--- John Graham <medikjohn@yahoo.com> wrote:
You wrote that CPAP postpones
> intubation until they reach the hospital...Are you
talking more about a PEEP type
> valve or actual CPAP equipment? jg 

I didn't actually mean "postponed" but I was writing
the e-mail over the course of a couple of hours
between calls.  As an RT in the hospital, our
intubations due to CHF are WAY down since using the
CPAP for these patients.  Because our medics (like
most) are way under-funded, I don't see a separate
CPAP generator showing up in the budget any time soon.
 I was asked about the BVM/PEEP valve setup to, in
effect, provide EPAP (as I was corrected by an RT
colleague of mine) to PREVENT intubations in CHF patients.

Ted Reesor, RRT/RRCP
Burlington, Ontario

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