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Re: Charting


We use laptops for the ground vehicles and rarely for the helo; the latter
is a bit tight for charting. (I have my own mini-notebook I use on the
helo.) We also use PC's at the base. Charting integrates completely with
Dispatch; we leave all of the Dispatch-supplied fields blank when entering a
new chart on the laptop; when we come back from a trip, we plug in the
network cable and click a single icon to merge the two charts.

The laptop is charged either via the inverter on the vehicle or is plugged
in after the trip. Since it comes in to get downloaded, it normally lives on
a charger in the crew office and is snagged when heading out.

At present a Toshiba laptop is used. It has a nice low-power sleep mode
where we can leave it running at all times and just open the lid to wake it
up for charting. That way we don't have to wait for the interminable Windoze
bootup to occur.

All vital signs are merged directly into the chart from the Propaq monitors
through a similar one-click process.

Charlie Freeman NREMT-P, FP-C

> On a related subject...For those of you utilizing computer charting, do =
> you use laptops, PDAs or a PC at base or hospital?  If you utilize =
> laptops, where do you store/charge the computer in the aircraft?  Does =
> your charting interface with your CAD, if so, how?
> Bill Waechter
> San Antonio AirLife

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