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Re: Flight Suits

I don't know if they are made any more, but I have seen an 50's era insulated Royal Canadian Air Force flight suit that had a very usefull rear. The ladies sure appreciated it (which come to think of it is weird - as I can't remember hearing about many female Air Force crew in the 50's)

Two zips on the side seam at the hips going to just below the trocanter area, and 2" wide hidden velcro rear inner waistband. This gave a hidden flap, full width and long enough to be useful for females (I think). It certainly was for other functions for us guys during our aircrew survival course at -44 degrees. Those with regular flightsuits had to take off their parka in order to undo their suit to squat (sound familiar ladies?) which is not pleasant if there is any sort of wind chill. Plus the top of the flight suit tends to get snow in it and you get even more chilled and wet when getting re-dressed. And any windchill (we had 20 knot winds so something like -75) REALLY makes you hurry.

I imagine the same concept could be ordered on a standard nomex flightsuit if you are getting a custom order, but I have never seen it in the literature... And with age, I suggest buttons x 2 (more or less where the dimples in your back are) with tabs to secure the flap against bending that is too extreme / weak velcro (it can be tricky to keep undergarments such as t-shirts from getting caught in it) and the advancing waistline syndrome...

Fly Safe. 

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We are a rotorwing service located in  Wisconsin / Minnesota.  We are reviewing our uniforms / flight suits.  Besides your typical long-sleeve flight suit; are there any options that will provide safety, comfort/flexibility and convenience?  Thanks

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