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Orlando Air Care Team Approaches Milestones!!

The Orlando Regional Healthcare Air Care Team is fast approaching 2 miletstones 
in their history - 15,000 patients and 1,000,000 accident-free miles!!

To make this a little more fun, we are having a little competition on our web 
site.  You can enter 2 different contests - one to guess when we will fly our 
15,000th patient, and the other to guess when we will fly our 1,000,000th mile!!

There will be winners in each contest and you will recieve a team shirt, hat 
and whatever other goodies I can get the trinket guy to give up!!

We flew patient 14,935 just yesterday so get those entries in!!

We aren't selling anything or gathering your emails addresses for future stuff -
 we just thought it would be fun!!

Go to http://www.aircareteam.com and follow the links to the contest.

If you have any questions, write me at thurmond@cfl.rr.com

Thanks for your time and good

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