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MERGINET: August 5th release of MERGINET.News

We're pleased to bring you the latest additions to
MERGINET.News (August 2002 Vol. 7, No. 8).
You can view this issue online at:


The August 5th release of the latest round of MERGINET.News comes on a very
important day: the “Big Four-Oh” for publisher and founder, Richard Bilger.
Please join his editorial team in wishing him many happy returns!

The new edition includes a treatise about the dangers of diesel fumes, which
many emergency providers breathe far too much; this article can also be
found in the August edition of EMS Magazine as part of our continued
collaboration. You’ll also find an excellent article on the art of nonverbal
communication by returning author Dave Rodgers, and an interesting
examination of what it means to be educated, by Jeff Robinson.

In Reviewers Roundup, Robinson also offers a review that describes Repro-Med
Systems’ Res-Q-Vac, a hand-powered suction device. We also have two new book
reviews. One, by Tonya Schafer, describes the 3rd edition of Katherine West’
s seminal book, Infectious Disease Handbook for Emergency Care Personnel.
And Mike Taigman reviews an intriguing book, Buddha in the Waiting Room:
Simple Truths About Health, Illness, and Healing, by Paul Brenner, MD, PhD.

Law Bytes weighs in with a great article on the how’s and why’s of
compliance to the Office of the Inspector General’s mandated methods for
Medicare reimbursement. Comprehensive compliance is a trick for many
ambulance companies and billing agencies, and your guide to it all is here
at MERGINET, both in Law Bytes and also in Tom Scott’s latest article, “What
Do We Charge to Whom?” We encourage you, too, to check out Tom Scott’s
ongoing forum on Billing and Reimbursement (see Forums on the orange bar on
our homepage).

While you’re on the homepage, click on Education in that orange bar to see
what’s new. We now have a direct link to the National Safety Council’s
Safety Campus. We feel the quality of the NSC presentation makes it a great
place for MERGINET readers to go for online training courses. Courses are
available on adult CPR, adult and pediatric CPR, professional rescuer CPR,
first aid, AED, and more. After completing an online training segment, users
can earn a National Safety Council (NSC) course completion card by attending
a simple skills session at a local NSC training center.

As always, we try to frequently stock the Sharps Container (on the left hand
side of MERGINET’s homepage) with relevant and interesting news and
information from around the world, so stop by often to see what’s up. And if
something interesting is happening in your hometown, please feel welcome to
send us the news!

As always, we welcome your comments and concerns (and compliments!). We
reply to everyone who writes. Send email to publisher Richard Bilger at
rbilger@merginet.com or to Kate at editor@merginet.com.

Welcome to August 2002!

Kate Dernocoeur, Editor
Laura Bennett-Kimble, Managing Editor

New in this issue!

On the Scene

>> Dying from the Diesel Fumes?
by Kate Dernocoeur
Diesel exhaust contains more than 40 chemicals that are listed by the EPA as
toxic air contaminants, known or probable human carcinogens, reproductive
toxins, or endocrine disrupters.

>> Are Your Patients Hearing What You’re Not Saying?
by David L. Rodgers
As emergency care providers, we must always be aware of how and what we
communicate, verbally or nonverbally, intentionally or not.

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Moore Medical to help reward our friends who tell others about our site.

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Education Station
>> Why Be Educated?
by Jeff Robinson
Using the 1983 film Educating Rita as a springboard, Jeff Robinson examines
the various values of an education.

Reviewers Roundup

>> Infection Control by the Book
by Tonya Schafer
We review the third edition of Infectious Disease Handbook for Emergency
Care Personnel by Katherine H. West, RN.

>> Book Review: Lessons We Can Learn from our Patients
by Mike Taigman
The wonderfully written and easy to read Buddha in the Waiting Room: Simple
Truths About Health, Illness, and Healing by Paul Brenner, MD, PhD, is for
patients and the people who care for them.

>> Res-Q-Vac to the Rescue
by Jeff Robinson
Intrepid reviewer Jeff Robinson experiments with suction devices and
artificial barf.

Management Matters

>> Gear up for Compliance
by Doug Wolfberg
Take a look at the OIG’s draft of its new ambulance service compliance guide
through the eyes of an attorney.

>> What Do We Charge to Whom?
by Tom Scott
Different payment policies of third-party payers and low income patients add
up to confusion and angst for ambulance service billers.

More online!

MERGINET.News Online!
Click here: http://www.MERGINET.com/emsnewstocs/current.shtml/

MERGINET is a service designed to provide resources, news, education and
fun to the all in EMS, Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medicine. Updated daily.



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