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Re: seizure treatment in flight.

We are using Ativan for control of seizures. Haven't heard any rumors about valium. Dilantin is a good drug but it takes a while to load a patient if they aren't on it with a therapeutic blood level.
Let us know if there is any truth to the rumor.
Mike Earnheart, R.N.
Jet West
Van Nuys, CA.

susan nittinger wrote:

Hello All,

I have 2 questions to put out there for anyone to comment on. Has anybody heard of Valium going off the shelves for good? It is a rumor going around her. Secondly, what are the most common medications being used for seizure control in flight. We carry Valium, Versed and Dilantin. What is everybody else doing. Thanks, in advance for your input!

Sue Toberman, RN

CareFlight/Kentucky LifeNet

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