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RE: transfer of care

Yes, at the private service I work for (fixed wing, private for profit) this is common for "stable pt's" both to medics, and RN staffed ambulances (in Seattle...don't ask, long story) Basically all parties must be comfortable with this.  Personally I don't agree with it in concept, but in practice we have not had any issues.

Robert S. "Steve" Cole
Paramedic, CCEMTP
Education Department
Ada County Paramedics

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Is the practice of transferring patient care from flight RN to ground paramedic happening in other programs besides mine? In other words, the patient is handed off to an ALS unit at the destination and taken into the hospital by local paramedics.  We do this occasionally if the patient care required is within the scope of paramedic practice and the patient does not need our monitoring or equipment.  I would like some feedback on this subject.  I'm not very comfortable with turning over patient care. Lindy B.  CFRN

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