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Re: Operations Information

We currently have a 9th floor roof top double pad plus a roof top fueling system at our hospital.  From what i understand alot of time went into with planning.  (New York state is famous for paperwork.)  We are in a moderate urban/residential area.  Jet A is stored underground (9,000-10,000 gal tank) and is pumped up the side of the building into the helo and then it drains the excess fuel back down.  I believe I have the basic technical description correct.  It has saved us a lot of time and money not having to pick up and fly over to the airport.  We also buy bulk.  We have also had to deal with an incident of "helo rubbing" which fortunately did not result in any injuries but did make us carefully review our policies and "what if" policies.  Ironically we have had no complaints about the fuel system but rather all the noise we now make on the roof which has created a different set of issues with the local neighbors.  Feel free to contact me offline for more details about ou!
r system and any specific questions you may have.

Tom Walsh
Flight Paramedic
Albany Medflight/LifeNet New York
Albany, NY

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