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Obese Patients

No weight limit. Have flown 685# pt. Trade off fuel weight against patient weight, so only limitation is on unrefuelled range (it gets reduced).

As to stretcher, width on Lifeport is limiting factor. Use Ferno #9 on Lifeport adaptor sled, if too wide, use a basket stretcher on floor with Ferno #9 inside to maintain high fowlers or whatever is needed. Limited to a particular aircraft however, 42" x 54" cargo door, if too wide to go through rear door of other two BE-200's. Two port cabin crew seats removed from floor and strapped as cargo to unoccupied Lifeport sled leaving two seats at front of cabin and side access to front half of patient. 

Pump assist for unloading, as even with Lifeport ramp, it is  high/unstable during removal from aircraft for crew unassisted if over 350#.

Fly Safe. KLW

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