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Re: Zoll M series


Have been using the M-series monitor by ZOLL for over a year now with some
(not-so-minor, not-so-major) problems. As far as the batteries go, we have
not had any major problems. We do, however, replace batteries every 18
months per the techs. The new super batteries for the CCT monitor will work
in the M-series, though the handle will need to be upgraded as will the 4x4
charger. As of two weeks ago, ZOLL was waiting for FDA approval.

Monitor works well as does the pacer/defib. Probably my only beef (with the
actual equipment) is the length of time to get a BP reading (NIBP).

Our biggest problem has been the customer service we have received. Since
the reps have changed over 4 times in the past 2 years, it may be an
isolated incident to our region. Usually it takes forever to receive
equipment and we have had problems with an upgrade that was sent to us. Tech
support is excellent and always prompt.

If you have any further ??, drop me a line at rwhesse@aircare.org

Bob Hesse
West Michigan Air Care

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