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RE: stable neonate transports

Try getting the insurance to cover your staff first, then deal directly with hospital upper administration and bypass the Nursing unit administrators at first. Get the doc's in with you when the presentation is made, find other examples of hospitals doing same, and case reports of responses your service has done where outcome was not ideal as a probable result of inexperience with particular patient demographic (ie PICU / NICU) and draw the link to increased work / risk for the recieving unit (cost to the recieving hospital). Define a pre-placement threshold knowledge and skill evaluation requirements for those going into the hospital.

Then get the objecting Nursing supervisors to boxing themselves into agreeing that anyone who falls between the two levels for "safe, needs no additional training" and "weak areas that neeed work but safe with supervision" is appropriate candidate. Implicitly this can be done by having them agree that those who fall below these levels are unsafe to practice and need retraining - including any of their staff who don't measureup. Just make sure that the assessment tool is a valid one and that your people can meet it first!

Just a thought. In the ideal world this would not be necessary. Not trying to piss off the nurses on the list, just to advocate for the patients - witholding training for those that need it because of turf issues is BS.

Fly Safe. KLW

--- "Jeff Brosius" <reno316@hotmail.com> wrote:
>I've asked our local pedi-hospitals (we've got three, by the way,) to allow 
>me and my fellow medics to spend time in the ICUs, ORs, and ER to get peds 
>experience (tubes, IVs, assessments, interventions, and the like.)  
>Resoundingly, the answer has been "We don't allow paramedics to provide care 
>to our patients...no."  The MDs don't have a problem with the idea, but the 
>nursing staff does (and those who think the nurses don't run the hospital 
>are deluding themselves.)  Tell me this makes sense?

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