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RE: stable neonate transports

I am not saying that NICU transports should be performed by inexperienced
personnel, I am asking in very simple terms...what makes one experienced? is
it different if you are an RT or an RN? can those standards be applied to a
paramedics? Are there any standards at all? If not why not? For example,
most flight services have a minimum requirement of 3-5 years high volume
service, ACLS, PALS, ATLS, CCEMTP for medics and similar for RN's, are there
any standards for NICU teams other than locally established standards?  Are
those standards universal across disciplines, how do they differ? I am just
curious, and I like to stir the proverbial pot by asking tough questions.  I
am not trying to say medics should or should not be on NICU teams, just
seeing what makes one a valuable member...
Where did I get this from? well a recent conversation with a NICU nurse on
NRP/NALS and weather paramedics should be allowed to take the class, and
weather they could become instructors, considering the complexity (or lack
there of) of the course content compared to ACLS and PALS (new guidelines).
So with this thread my little mind worked and asked the tough question:
"what makes one qualified to do NICU transports" and "If (hypothetically)
one was to implement non standard diciplines on the NICU transport team
(RT's, non neonatalologist, and yes...paramedics) what would be the
educational, clinical, and certification train up? What are the differences
between professions in this setting and are any differences in how the
standards would be applied. Could a non traditional discipline provide care
along side a special trained nurse as a member of the team? What would it
In short:

Initials aside...what makes one competent to do NICU transports?

Robert S. "Steve" Cole
Paramedic, CCEMTP
Education Department
Ada County Paramedics 

"...A mind stretched with new ideas never regains its former shape"

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From: Mauseth Patrice [mailto:Patrice.Mauseth@HCAHealthcare.com]
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Subject: RE: stable neonate transports

I don't have ANY issues with paramedics or any other health professionals.
In California, a medic could not work in an NICU taking full care of a baby.
That's what I mean when I say who else would work in an NICU.  The state has
the final decision.  When you need a trained team, it ends up being an RN.
We fly with an NNP and RT.  

I forget this is an international website.  Different countries will have
different configurations.  Our state would not allow a medic to transport a
neonate without an RN.  I'm not saying that's right or wrong.  I'm saying it
just couldn't be done any other way.  The bottom line....  We need teams who
are specific to neonatal transports to move our babies.  Those teams must
have abundant experience in the NICU.

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> From:	Ken Lawson-Williams [SMTP:Macgyver@FlightMedicMail.com]
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> Subject:	RE: stable neonate transports
> --- Mauseth Patrice <Patrice.Mauseth@HCAHealthcare.com> wrote:
> >What other title could work in an NICU? 
> Other than politics, what reasons are there for not having paramedics
> assigned to and working in an NICU? In British Columbia, all the neonatal
> transports are done using paramedics who spend one tour on the aircraft
> and the nect in the NICU. Has been working well for years. No nurses or
> RT's, and only occasionally a doctor (neonatologist, not a resident) -
> based on patient instability, but always two paramedics.
> >It is vital to have NICU experience.  Not just a few classes and
> >precepting with the patient type.
> Completely agtree. See above.
> Fly Safe. KLW
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