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RE: Census Survey

Just a thought, the ground aspect of this has been left out, I think that we
all can agree that ground CCT is a growing part of pt care,  it has many of
the same concerns, capabilities, etc. as AMT.  Also I would be curious how
many (like myself) may have some AMT role ( I currently do about 3 fixed
wing transports a month, and about 5-20 ground CCT a month. I only work
Sundays part time for my AMT/Ground service...), but are mainly in a non CCT
(ground or air) role but who subscribe for the educational content.
just a thought
Robert S. "Steve" Cole
Paramedic, CCEMTP
Education Department
Ada County Paramedics 

"...A mind stretched with new ideas never regains its former shape"

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From: Rollie Parrish [mailto:rparrish@flightweb.com]
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Subject: Census Survey

Greetings -

Something that we've always wanted to know about the Flightmed list is
what types of people are subscribed. That is, how many pilots, flight crew
members, ground EMS, administration, etc. make up the 1,000 or so members.

What we'd like to do is take a census survey. We're asking that all
subscribers (recipients of Flightmed email) go to the following web page
and answer the questions there. It's a very short survey with seven
questions and will only take a minute or so. The point is to determine the
basic demographics of the Flightmed mailing list.

There is no way to accurately restrict people from taking the survey more
than one time, so we're asking that you only go to this link once.
Please take the survey over the next week or so.

The survey address is;

Results will be posted here and in the Flightmed FAQ, among other places.

Rollie Parrish
FlightWeb: For Air Medical Professionals

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