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Re: Air Medical Helicopter Transport Research Paper Assistance Needed

Ms. Foster,
 First things first, I am not a flight medic. But i do work for a rural system. our closest Trauma One center is 50 + miles from us.
But, your attitude is the reason why most of our patients are still alive today. Our county statistically, is the number one county in the state for fatal MVA's we have more than 30 miles of interstate running thru it, Our response time's range anywhere from a couple of min, to about 15-20. If the flight crews that we used did not have the same attitude that you do, it would be alot worse.
90% of the time if we do a "Trauma Alert" and put the helicopter on standby. Our main provider will launch anyway. They tell us that there is plenty of air space to turn around and go home.  Thank you to you and all flight crews. That bail us out in our time of need.
Thanks Again
And Omni Flight (Charleston) Thank you    !!!

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