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Re: BO-105's


I am a paramedic who works in BO-105's full time. Our program likes them 
because they are powerful, reliable, and comparatively very cheap to operate. 

However, they leave MUCH to be desired from the perspective of the med-crew; 
mainly  space limitations. Once you are seated and strapped in they aren't 
that bad, but it is very hard to load patients with IV pumps,  ET tubes, 
ventilators, monitors, etc. Large patients are especially hard. Also, once 
the patient is loaded, the crewmember seated in the seat on the Right side of 
the AC has to literally climb over the patient (unless they are already 
seated as the pt is loaded).

I would be happy to answer any specific questions you have.

- Allan Bulkley, flight paramedic
  Mercy Flight of Western New York 

<< Is there anyone out there, pilot, mechanic, nurse, emt-p, etc. with 
experience in a BO-105? Would like to here pros and cons of the aircraft, 
especially for those who ride in the cabin performing patient care.  >>

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