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Re: Fw: BO-105's

Thanx much.

How difficult are balloon pump, isolet or high risk O.B.?

If crew is used to 222, will they have trouble transitioning to this type of
medical arrangement?

Larry Pluhar
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> Med wall is convenient for reach during transport for the side facing
> crew member.  Storage is a bit tight.  Depending on the configuration,
> the individual in the front seat (facing rear) may be limited in reach
> of equipment.  Front seater may have to fly the transport with
> legs/ankles crossed because of head of stretcher.  Crew members who face
> rear and are over 5'10" may repeatedly strike head on overhead,
> especially when wearing a helmet or headset.
> Otherwise, if you can learn to function in a 105, any move up is cake.
> If you have to move down into a 105, it will probably feel like a
> sardine can.
> Bob Breese
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