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Re: Response times and safety


We at Mercy Flight Central in Upstate New York have a seven minute launch requirement for both scene and interfacility missions. 

In regards to meeting this time requirement, we document on our post flight debriefing sheet what the launch time was and for what reason, if any, the time was exceeded. Most frequently launch times over seven minutes are caused by weather checks.

I do not see having a response time goal as a safety issue as long as, as was stated in another reply, it is applied sensibly and does not become the source of punitive action.

A reasonable response time goal, taking into account the time needed to safely start and warm-up your particular type of aircraft, along with some delineation of responsibilities stating exactly who does what when the phone rings, (i.e. Pilot gets coordinates, Nurse retrieves cold meds, Medic unplugs shorline, etc.) should allow you to be safely in the air unless extenuating circumstances such as weather checks arise in well under your stated goal.

Adam Oplinger NREMT-P 

--- "Snow, Mona G" <MGS2B@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu> wrote:
>It is my understanding that "they", whomever they might be, are looking at
>response times for helos in regards to safety issues. I have heard that
>having response times to adhere to is causing safety concerns. I couldn't
>find any research on this and was wondering if anyone had any information.
>Also, do the other programs have policies on response times (both scene and
>interfacility) that they are willing to share. Anyone's thoughts/opinions
>are welcome.
>Thanks you,
>M. Snow
>Pegasus Flight Operations
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