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RE: Pt. Scenario

In my experience as a manager, writing both clinical and administrative protocol/policy/procedure, you must always leave flexibility, allowing for the experience and judgment of those in your charge. I would argue that the main reason you wound up as a defendant originally was because the policy didn't allow for variation.  One must remember that we are practicing a form of medicine - which will always be as much an art as it is a technical science. Not every situation or patient fits into the "cookie cutter" the way some administrators and medical directors think they should (no offense intended - been there myself).
One nice thing to do is to have a "catch all" policy stating that a clinician, acting in good faith to his/her duty to the patient, may under unforseeable circumstances, deviate from policy and procedure as long as the deviation, rationale for deviation (benefit/risk), and patient outcome are documented. 
Just my .02 worth...
Lee Watson


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