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RE: rn to emtp bridges

I have to question the information; one of my former co-workers, an RN
from Tejas is finishing their EMT-B at a program in NM.  All they will
have to do now is go back to their home and take the Texas PM test.  The
clinical time for EMT-B is a single shift riding, assuming you get some
calls.  Now this person is highly qualified and experienced/capeable.
Others might not be and POOF! You are a medic, according to Texas.  I
know 2 other RN's who have done the same, they work here in NM,
physically went to Tx, tested, and got their PM cert.  One is worth
their salt and one isnt.  BOTH are "Paramedics" .  

(and I will add that there is a new regents-type program from College
Network that appears to be better than Moore, shorter and cheaper too. I
am looking towards it.  Am I the pot calling the kettle black?)


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I was a reviewer for a proposed bridge program in
Texas that is in current development.  I think the key
is clinical experience.  I know all the paramedic-s
will agree that in field experience is one of the most
important aspect of pre-hospital education that nurses

I feel the EMS communittee is doing a good job (in
Texas) by requiring nurses to have a large amount of
clinical time.

However I feel the nursing communittee is doing a
grave injustice to paramedic-s that go through regency
programs to get their RN.  I did not go to such a
program but I work with many people that have and
listening to them and about their experiences it seems
the regency programs are not concerned with clinical
experience.  Nursing is such a broad field and the
knowledge base is so broad I can see how this might be
difficult.  But I had large amounts of clinical
experience when I attended UTMB-Galveston and because
of that I was better prepared.  It appears the regency
programs do not require or provide such learning
opportunities and I feel the paramedic-s that attend
such programs are missing out.  It is not fair for the
paramedic-s attending such programs to be expected to
fill RN roles when the regency program they attended
provided very little clinical experience.

I am grateful that the EMS communittee (in Texas) has
higher expectations of the nurses that are moving into
pre-hospital roles.  The proposed Texas curriculum
makes the RN that bridges to para-medicine more
marketable and truly enhances their knowledge base in
a practicle and useful manner.

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