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Flightmed archive for December-2001

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I    We use fentanyl or etomidate for the sedative/hypnotic agent.  Both are available to the crew and it is their choice.  We use succinylcholine as the RSI induction paralytic and use vecuronium to maintain paralysis after the tube has been confirmed to be in the trachea.  
    The Board of Nursing in the state of Colorado does not specify any drugs to be used or not used by nurses.  It is up to the physician advisor to train and QA  nurses on any regimen to be implemented.  Colorado is much tougher on paramedics than nurses in this regard.  Paramedics and medical directors ultimately answer to the Board of Medical Examiners and not the Board of Nursing.
    Hope this is helpful.

Dave Ross
Medical Director
Flight for Life
Colorado Springs, CO

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