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<<As of yesterday, only PHI had pulled out completely>>
Not sure what you mean by that. We (PHI) had never made plans for a booth this year, that decision was made a long time ago. We will have lots of people there, however. The S-76 that we operate and maintain for Miami Children's will be displayed in the Sikorsky booth, so we will have an aircraft there (come and see the best looking 18 year old aircraft in the show!!!).
BTW. Flew the S-76 back-up from Lafayette to Miami monday and it was a good flight. ATC gave 2000 ft cruising altitudes IFR and visual approaches everywhere. No trouble at all.
The airline ride back was one of the most hassle free in years. Not a lot of passengers, lots of people with guns in the terminals, and no long delays for security. Some minor inconviencies, but nothing like I expected. I showed up three hours early, and security took all of 5 minutes.
All the flights got in early because of less traffic. 
See you in Orlando,
Mike Suldo, PHi

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