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RE: Where were you when...

We were out of commission for only a period of about 4 to 6 hours, then
required to get clearance from Washington via the FAA for each flight for
several days. That caused a launch delay averaging  5 to 6 minutes. Over the
next days, requirements have gradually decreased, to the point where we can
launch without notification, but have to notify the Tampa tower as soon as
we can get altitude to do it. We do have serious security concerns, as
several of our ships are in very close flight proximity to some important
potential targets. Another inconvenience is not being allowed to do
mechanical, training,  PR, or ferrying flights right now. I wonder how this
will affect the aircraft turnout at AMTC? At this point, because of these
limitations, we will not have our "real" aircraft at AMTC, but hope to come
with a "reasonable facsimile" to have some fun with.

Laurie Romig

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> Upon the initial news reports of the incident, flight operations was
> contacted by myself as well as contacting my chief Flight Paramedic.
> Knowing that we would not be part of the initial response we prepared for
> the long term response in the event that patients needed to be
> relocated to
> other facilities in other states for specialty care, in addition
> to freeing
> up the hospitals in the area.  Once this escalated to a higher
> level and all
> air travel was grounded, we subsequently were grounded as well.  At that
> point all of my non fire department personell wwere notified and put on
> alert in the event we were requested for our services.  Schedules were
> obtained for availability, and bags were packed.  We remained
> grounded until
> Thursday afternoon.
> Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families, friends and coworkers
> of the entire emergency service community as well as our civilian heroes.
> They will all be missed.
> I think we all are taking the smaller things in life more
> conscientously as
> we progress wit hour lives form here on out.
> God Bless everyone and Fly Safe
> Michael D. Graf NREMT-P
> Director Air Medical Operations
> Able American JEts
> Ft. Pierce, Florida
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