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My service had a scheduled demo of an aircraft coming to our site (on the way to Orlando) , and they abruply cancelled yesterday, saying the static displays had all been cancelled at AMTC.  Can anyone confirm this?
Tom Waters
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I just wanted to address the concerns so many people are having about traveling to Orlando for conference.  I understand there are hundreds of individuals  who have already canceled their plans to attend conference.  I understand the numerous concerns regarding travel safety, getting stranded in Orlando, etc, etc.   I arrived in Orlando today without incident.  The airports are running smoother than I have ever seen them.  I strongly believe air travel is safer right now than it has EVER been.

I feel it is so important for us as Americans to return to our "normal" lives as much as reasonably possible and not live in fear of recent events......and what a better way to deal with the recent tragedies than to spend a few days with your friends and colleagues in sunny Florida.   Hope this helps to resolve many of the uneasy feelings some of you are having about traveling to conference.  HOPE TO SEE YOU HERE IN BEAUTIFUL SUNNY FLORIDA.

as always,,,,fly safe
Kevin Grossman
Dallas, Texas

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