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Re: RW Scene Response

>Greetings.  I just came back to duty after being off since Tuesday.  In
>my morning briefing as supervisor, and according to my FBO operator,
>under the current FAA restrictions, even Rotorcraft (and other VFR Only
>aircraft) are supposed to file an IFR Flightplan before liftoff; even
>for a scene response.  But yet another person interpreted the ruling
>that Lifeguard flights don't have to follow that guideline, at least for
>SCENE responses.
>Can anyone out there tell me what your program is doing currently, and
>where to reference for the FAA regs?
>Medical Air Transport
>New Mexico
Our program is an IFR program, so these requirements aren't that far out
for us.
And that's correct, we file these plans for any lift off, scene or fuel or
Its possible that different regions have slightly different rules, or
differrent takes on rules, depending on how politically sensitive your area
is. Right now though, I'm not sure I'd want to mess around too much with
the feds.
Safety first!


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