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Re: Where were you when...

  Myself and my fellow crew members were just finishing breakfast when our 
Program Directors pager went off saying "A plane just hit the World Trade 
Center, this is incredible". We all chuckled and thought the communications 
guys were playing a joke of some sort. We all walked down to our comm 
center thinking that we'd just go check it out, see what kind of damage 
that little Cessna did. For the remainder of my 24 hour shift I was 
paralyzed, numb, and scared. We were grounded for about 2 hours and by noon 
we were on our first flight of the day. The tower frequencies were silent, 
nobody was out there, we were the only blip on the ATC's screen, it was 
very eerie. By evening, the ATC folks were chatting with us about everyday 
things while we were enroute to our destinations, I guess they were bored. 
We did call the fire/EMS folks in our area and tell them that we could fly, 
there had been some misinformation that was passed around and we felt they 
needed to know what was going on airmedically. The hospital, of course, 
geared up,not knowing what to expect. We were immediately placed on "lock 
down" and extra security was called in. Disney, Universal Studios, and Sea 
World were emptied which was as unprecedented as everything else that 
happened that day. We're basically back to normal operation now, if there 
is such a thing. We haven't been delayed for any lift offs and we only 
missed 1 flight while we were grounded.

  See ya'll at AMTC.

Karen Thurmond RN
Chief Flight Nurse
Air Care Team
Orlando, Florida

There has to be an invisible sun
that dispenses heat to everyone
There has to be an invisible sun
That gives us hope when the hope is gone.
                                                - The Police

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