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Effects of National grounding on flight programs

Here are the results of the simple, non-scientific survey that was
conducted on FlightWeb over the past few days. I thought it was very
interesting the degree of variation across the country.

There have been many stories from flight programs that had the opportunity
to show their true colors during this time. This would be a great article
topic for Airmed at some point.

How was your flight program affected by the national "grounding?"

Not affected at all				3.00 % (6)

Lift delays while filing flight plans.		65.50 % (131)

Only critical transports.			7.50 % (15)

Completely grounded < 24 hours			18.00 % (36)

Completely grounded > 24 hours			5.00 % (10)

Still grounded	(2+ days)			1.00 % (2)

Total responses					100 % (200)


This survey was completely non-scientific. Votes were made by visitors to
the FlightWeb site over a period of a few days. Each vote does not
represent a response from a different flight program.

Rollie Parrish
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