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Status of the AMTC

Dear Colleagues:

The events of the past week have initiated a sharing of common feelings of outrage, frustration, sadness and concern among members of the EMS community from around the world.  While the dramatic toll of human life and sacrifice in the aftermath of the attacks on America is still not completely known, we do know, probably better than most others, that we must continue on with our lives despite the tragedy around us.

First and foremost, on behalf of the AAMS Board of Directors and staff, our condolences go out to everyone who has suffered losses as a result of the horrible disasters in New York City, Pennsylvania and in Washington, DC.

Additionally, we want to make you aware of the current plans for the Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC). Since last Tuesday, the AAMS Executive Committee has been monitoring events as they happen. Our primary concern is the safety and security of all who would be in attendance. 

At present, we believe it to be premature to cancel the event entirely. Each day, air travel is improved, and daily lives start to return to a routine. All indications at this time are that air travel will have resumed operating with some regularity by next weekend, the point at which most AMTC participants need to leave home to attend the conference.

We do know that a number of members will not be able to attend the conference because they have been called to active duty. We applaud them for their service to our country, and certainly understand that their priorities lie elsewhere at this time.

While we have received very few cancellations to date, we are also mindful that for personal or professional reasons, there may be some participants who will not be able to attend the conference in light of recent events. We respect these wishes and will gladly provide refunds to anyone sending their written cancellation request to AAMS.

That said, we do know that many more folks want to and plan to attend the AMTC this year. Participation can give us all the opportunity to commiserate with friends, bond with colleagues from around the country and the globe, hone our skills, and find a way for everyone to work together to make our world a better place. We have a number of activities planned for the conference that will help to bring this kind of sharing about, and hope the AMTC can serve a much more important role in light of our recent tragedy. 

We are well aware that the situation may change at any moment, and we will continue to reassess on a frequent basis. The decision to continue the conference was not an easy one, and we hope and pray that no new developments will cause us to alter these plans. For those who are willing and able to attend, we look forward to seeing you in Orlando. To all, be safe!


Dawn M. Mancuso, CAE
Executive Director
Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS)
110 N. Royal Street, Suite 307
Alexandria, VA  22314-3234
Telephone (703) 836-8732
Facsimile (703) 836-8920

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