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Re: Medications - lock and restock

>Valued colleagues:
>Anticipating the arrival of the JCAHO examiners, our hospital-based flight
>service has come under new scrutiny for our approach to storage,
>transport, and restocking of medications.
>Our narcotic system is acceptable - we have a double locked safe in our
>rooftop vestibule. However, our pharmacy has a degree of concern about the
>remainder of our meds.

Our hospital went through JCAHO last spring. The examiners never showed
interest in the flight or ground team's practices. We were more concerned
that issues would arise in re: their work when they helped out in the ED.
But no. We did and are complying with storage and restocking of meds,
similar to what you do. We have a med 'frige with lock, thermometer, and
daily log in the lobby for refrigerated meds.

While JCAHO was here, the state came to inspect as well, CALS. Those
inspectors had a few things to say about our rooftop area and storage
facilites there, and we've had to make a few changes. Nothing major.

Good luck!


Judi Wilson, RN
Acting Program Director
Stanford Life Flight/Medical Transport/Transfer Center


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