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Be assured, that though we mourn with all of you over the loss of loved
ones, friends, and co-workers, Welch Allyn Protocol, Inc. (makers of
Propaq brand monitors) will be there to support you.  Please visit us in
our booth at AMTC.

Jerry Zion
Marketing Manager

cindy holland wrote:
> I also have the same mixed feelings.  The President wants us to go on with
> our lives as usual.  There will be many people flying in  to Orlando and
> some may not do so just out of fear, (which is understandable).  I myself
> messed up getting airline tickets and ended up without one. (?God send?).
> Therefore I will be driving.
> In the wake of this tragedy, I feel the grief process needs to be completed
> by those who have friends, relatives and colleagues involved in the
> disaster.  As we are all created with different personalities, everyone
> should understand if certain individuals aren't there.  On the other hand,
> going to the conference and sharing your emotions/feelings with others could
> be helpful as well.
> I am sure it is a delimma for the organizers of the conference as well, and
> there may not be as many planning to attend as were before this tragedy, but
> I repeat, President Bush wants Americans to go on with life.
> Bless you and be strong, we are all praying/thinking of you and everyone
> affected by this tragedy, especially those of you in NewYork.
> Cindy Holland
> LifeNet Ga.
> Rocky Mountain LLC
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> From: "Rob Atwater" <flight163@toast.net>
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> Sent: Monday, September 17, 2001 2:19 AM
> Subject: AMTC
> > This raises a good question.  I assume that the AMTC will be going on as
> > planned (?)  I see this as good and bad, for the same reasons that
> anything
> > should go on or be postponed.  I am from the NY area, and we will have a
> > number of funerals/memorials/vigils to attend here for friends, relatives
> > and colleagues from the WTC disaster.  I guess folks all over face this
> > dilemna.
> >
> > Any thoughts out there about what should happen?
> >
> > Stay strong and safe,
> >
> > Rob Atwater
> > STAT Flight
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