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I also have the same mixed feelings.  The President wants us to go on with
our lives as usual.  There will be many people flying in  to Orlando and
some may not do so just out of fear, (which is understandable).  I myself
messed up getting airline tickets and ended up without one. (?God send?).
Therefore I will be driving.

In the wake of this tragedy, I feel the grief process needs to be completed
by those who have friends, relatives and colleagues involved in the
disaster.  As we are all created with different personalities, everyone
should understand if certain individuals aren't there.  On the other hand,
going to the conference and sharing your emotions/feelings with others could
be helpful as well.

I am sure it is a delimma for the organizers of the conference as well, and
there may not be as many planning to attend as were before this tragedy, but
I repeat, President Bush wants Americans to go on with life.
Bless you and be strong, we are all praying/thinking of you and everyone
affected by this tragedy, especially those of you in NewYork.

Cindy Holland
LifeNet Ga.
Rocky Mountain LLC
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> This raises a good question.  I assume that the AMTC will be going on as
> planned (?)  I see this as good and bad, for the same reasons that
> should go on or be postponed.  I am from the NY area, and we will have a
> number of funerals/memorials/vigils to attend here for friends, relatives
> and colleagues from the WTC disaster.  I guess folks all over face this
> dilemna.
> Any thoughts out there about what should happen?
> Stay strong and safe,
> Rob Atwater
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