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Re: Where were you when...

During the first 48 hours after the incident we were stationed at JFK 
Airport and at Floyd Bennet Field with 4 aircraft (aircraft owned by 
Suffolk County Police, staffed by Stony Brook University Hospital).  
Since that time we have had 1 aircraft 24 hours per day in the city.  
No Medevacs but many police missions, searches, ferrying of equipment 
and emergency service personnel.

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> MedEvac 3, from University MedEvac - Hahnemann University Hospital Philadelphia, was
> staged across from NYC in NJ at Teterboro Airport where they stayed for approx. 7 hours
> with aircraft from numerous other programs. There was a report of multiple red tag
> patients and several of the New Jersey State Police aircraft lifted for Ellis Island but
> the report was false. Our aircraft was released shortly after 7pm that day. 
> It is our understanding that the request for multiple air medical services was made by the
> Port Authority and were to be staged at Teterboro. The request was made with the initial
> airliner crashes into the Trade Center buildings. After their collapse, the need for the
> transfer of patients from the scene or from NYC hospitals was not as immediate. 
> In any case, we are all saddened by the terrible loss of life, both civilians and
> Emergency Responders. Many of us know of or have met many of the Fire Department and EMS
> personnel who died. They will be missed terribly. 
> Duane Spencer B.S., NREMTP
> University MedEvac
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