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Re: FlightWeb: Request

Well said!!!, Mr. Parrish

Rollie Parrish wrote:

> On 13 Sep 2001, Justin Mahosky.Flight Nurse wrote:
> > I think you should have the background of the page turned to black to
> > honor all the fire and rescue personal, police officers, and the
> > population that had their lives violently ended on 9/11/01.
> Thank you for your message. I've heard from one or two others but I know
> many more are wondering about this as well. I had considered doing this
> the moment I first heard about the tragedy, and after much deliberation,
> have decided not to.  I'd be glad to explain the reasons why.
> Mainly, I want to reserve that distinction for the terrible possibility
> that one of our own goes down during this time, if not one that happens
> while actually assiting in New York.
> Secondly, blacking out the site in this situation seems so trivial in
> perspective of what's actually happened to us as a nation. My heart wants
> to shut down the site entirely, and leave only a message stating, "Please
> stop surfing the 'net and spend the time reassuring your family and loved
> ones." Now, I won't do this, of course, but emotionally, that's how I feel
> right now, as I'm sure you can understand. Also, the very people that
> would be honored by it (family members and colleagues of those lost)
> frankly would never know about it anyway since they are focused on the
> tragedy at hand.
> Thirdly, and this might sound a little strange, but the entire point of
> this attack on our nation was to disrupt normal life and to diminish our
> comfort as much as possible, not just to destroy property and life. The
> perpetrators of this attack will be able to measure the success of their
> efforts by how normal, everyday life has been disrupted. Therefore, we as
> a nation can reduce their success by endeavoring to maintain our way of
> life as much as possible. From my own limited perspective, keeping
> FlightWeb in it's normal state sends a weak but well intentioned signal
> that the site is not disrupted and this industry in general has not been
> disrupted (it has been, but it's a feeble gesture on my part).
> I certainly hope this explanation is enough to answer your questions and
> has not offended anyone. There may well be another perspective that I have
> not considered and I'm open to discussing it further if necessary.
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