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Re: Where were you when...

MedEvac 3, from University MedEvac - Hahnemann University Hospital Philadelphia, was
staged across from NYC in NJ at Teterboro Airport where they stayed for approx. 7 hours
with aircraft from numerous other programs. There was a report of multiple red tag
patients and several of the New Jersey State Police aircraft lifted for Ellis Island but
the report was false. Our aircraft was released shortly after 7pm that day. 

It is our understanding that the request for multiple air medical services was made by the
Port Authority and were to be staged at Teterboro. The request was made with the initial
airliner crashes into the Trade Center buildings. After their collapse, the need for the
transfer of patients from the scene or from NYC hospitals was not as immediate. 

In any case, we are all saddened by the terrible loss of life, both civilians and
Emergency Responders. Many of us know of or have met many of the Fire Department and EMS
personnel who died. They will be missed terribly. 

Duane Spencer B.S., NREMTP
University MedEvac

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