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Re: Use of LMA'S

To expand on Tim's comments, the I-LMA has been used 8 or 9 times since it was first stocked on our aircraft for failed airways.  Our vast success with its use is promising for intubating LMA's as a secondary airway in face of failed intubation.  While endotracheal intubation via direct laryngoscopy is our primary method of securing an airway, our staff are comfortable and reassured with the I-LMA should they experience a difficult airway.

Coincidently, our medical director at MedCenter Air is conducting a multiagency study on the use of the Intubating LMA.  A protocol is set up ( I know at least with our agency) and states that direct laryngoscopy will be the primary method for intubation.  The I-LMA is utilized in the event of a failed airway.  Finally, our competency on it's use is maintained through quarterly skill practice.

Brian K. Jefferson, RN, CFRN, NREMT-P
Charlotte, NC

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