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Where were you when...

OK, I'm going to go out on a limb here and propose that we try something
we haven't really done before here on this list. Every team in the nation
was grounded for a time and I'd like to invite people to talk about how
their program handled the situation. I'd also like to hear any anecdotes
from flight crews in the New York and Washington areas that would be
willing to tell their stories as far as what role they have played and
continue to play.

This is an effort to both gather these stories for historical
significance, as well as to offer an outlet for stress management. Also,
while it remains to be seen, I'm not certain that the air medical
community was able to contribute to their full potential in this situation
and making these stories available to our industry leaders will help
develop a plan for participating in future national emergencies. It also
sounds like some programs may have been more grounded than others, with
some unable to fly at all, some only with certain patients, depending on
which part of the country, etc. There's a survey on this point on
FlightWeb, BTW.

Couple of proposed guidelines in this exercise... If you reply to this or
any other message on this topic, please delete text that is not your own
so we don't send the same stuff repeatedly. Also, please consider patient
confidentiality issues and company policies if they apply to discussing
this sort of thing publically. We certainly don't want anyone to get in


Rollie Parrish
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